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The -New- Colonial Hotel is OPEN

Nov 2021

It seems a glorious magic wand has been cast over The Colonial Hotel and Gables in Grand Bend. 

Standing majestically at the top of Main Street, a completely renovated hotel stands with dignity. The new owners have spared no expense rejuvenating the space and preserving the local family ties. Luxury accommodations keeping the traditional names The Colonial Hotel, The Brenner House and Gables Suites.

The lost restaurant space is being resurrected on the opposite side of the street, as Twenty Beach Club & Lounge. 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner service is planned for this upscale, Main Street location. 

Big Changes in the Village

Oct 2021

As of today, the building that was most recently CoCos/Main Street has been demolished. 

The arcade building was sold and contractors opened the doors (after more than 8 years) to find a disastrous, rotting situation. The roof has large holes exposing the contents to rain and snow for many years. Vintage video games, kiddie rides and snack bar are all still there, unsalvageable.

The floors boards are breaking with each step and the walls and curtains wet and moldy. A sad sight to see as we all have so many fond memories of playing in there.

Plans for Cocos and The Arcade lots, are new buildings with street level store fronts and upper level residential units.  

Next on the Main Street chopping block, is the building adjacent to Kitchener St. currently Woody's Chicken and Bubble Waffle Cafe. 

Have a story? We welcome your short, local stories, history and current news. Email [email protected] Stories may be edited for length.

New Loc​al Magazine hits Grand Bend

Sept 2021

After a year of pounding the pavement, gravel roads and farmlands, a new local magazine has come to the Grand Bend area.

A glossy, full colour monthly publication focusing on events, businesses and families in the area. 

Publisher, Monica Laws hopes to grow the publication as new businesses join. Currently she highlights Expert Local Contributors, Feature Stories, Community Corner, Real Estate, Events, Classifieds, Pets & Receipes. 

Copies are FREE and are delivered to local mailing addresses. If you didn't receive one, you may have flyers restricted on your mail service. Remove the 'no flyer' tag by contacting the Post Office.  

Submitted by Jen Gaukroger 

Local Businesses reporting HUGE rebound after a slow start.

August 2021

The weather has certainly been on our side but the Pandemic has taken a toll on local, beach town businesses. May & June blasted glorious sun and perfect patio weather, and "our doors were closed".  {Valente Karamoutzos - Willies Beach Bar}.  Once the  lockdown rules lifted, the proverbial flood gates opened. 

Beach goers and cottage renters seemed to be happy to abide by the new rules in order to squeeze in that much needed vacay.

Since then, most downtown businesses have seen a significant increase over the last years, when they weren't contending with Covid 19 protocols.  Nathan Ross {Dairy Dip} "We haven't sold this much Icecream since the 60s!"

Now August hits and we can't help but hope for an extra special off-season. Bring on the sun and calm seas.


Submitted by Jen Gaukroger